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I'm just amused that Spectre and I have identical viewing habits.When I saw the thread title, I thought, "Ah, someone else has been watching the reruns on USA in the morning." But I had to laugh when I read the OP, because I too was watching the a.m.When the clocks are moved forward by an hour in the spring to Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), our local time was reported as 0000 Q (Quebec), which is the standard time in Halifax.(I hope I didn't screw this up--for some reason, I thought we switched from Romeo to Sierra, but I must be misremembering this.) Also, the clocks of most U. Navy ships are switched to follow the standard time of whatever time zone they are in. submarines, however, once we submerge, the clocks are generally switched to Zulu time.So as a ship transits across the Atlantic, the clocks are continuously adjusted. After all, once a sub submerges, it really doesn't matter what time it is up above.Submarine OODs (Officers of the Deck) have to make a point of verifying what local time is before going to periscope depth.

Time on a ship's clocks and in a ship's log had to be stated along with a "zone description", which was the number of hours to be added to zone time to obtain GMT, hence zero in the Greenwich time zone, with negative numbers from −1 to −12 for time zones to the east and positive numbers from 1 to 12 to the west (hours, minutes, and seconds for nations without an hourly offset).

What is universal time from the US Naval Observatory. A Few Facts Concerning GMT, UT, and the RGO, attributed to Richard B. of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering, University of New Brunswick, Canada Another point (that may have been alluded to above) is that when local time switches by an hour to (or from) Daylight Saving Time, this is accomplished by actually switching the time zone.

In other words, for Eastern Standard Time (EST), local time would be reported as 0000 R (Romeo).

But 0730 zulu time would have been the middle of the night and it would have been dark out. Which then brings up the question: How do you feel when there is a seven-way simulpost to your thread?

Pleased that so many people care about your question, or abashed because everybody but you already knew the answer?

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