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Benjamin was one of America’s hottest twenty-something actors.He was featured and talked about everywhere, especially for his on screen on-again-off-again relationship with actress Mischa Barton. Mc Kenzie has moved on to other things, including his role in the television police drama Southland.“I think they have as opposed to, for example, many actors or at least quite a few have started off their careers as kids being actors and so really all they know professionally is being an actor and I do think that kind of skews your world view.It doesn’t mean some of them aren’t perfectly lovely people with good heads on their shoulders and things like that, but I think getting an education helps.And the vast majority of these men and women are good, hardworking men and women trying to patrol what’s arguably the hardest city in the country to patrol.

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But at the same time, it’s a little odd, take it from the other side to interact with people who you don’t necessarily know and they know you or they think they know you from your work.

So I would say my opinion of them is completely switched in the past four years while working on the show.” There are some actors who are never able to stop being known for one role in their career.

For the 33 year old actor, he admits there was a sense of relief that the role of Ryan Atwood, on , ended.

C., bitch” joke) but ultimately can’t settle on one he likes so he just doesn’t respond.’”“Bearings? He’s holding a trash bag.“I have everything,” he says. All the lights in the hallway immediately blow out.

”“It’s a compass joke, Portia.”Portia looks down and resumes painting her nails.“I could do a little jig after it? ”Robert Pattinson is spotted visiting ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart at home. He removes 11 white V-necks, a rotten peach, a Joan Jett vinyl record, and three studded dog collars. I’m sorry.”Kendall and Kylie Jenner are writing a sci-fi novel.“What’s it about?

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